Auspicious Time Today

Auspicious Time Today provides Today’s nalla neram according to Gowri panchangam. Most of the tamil people are following the Gowri panchangam and Tamil Calendar. According to Gowri panchangam, there is 8 types. Those are Amridha, Sugam, Labam, Dhanam, Uthi , Visham, Rogam and Soram. The Amridha, Sugam, Labam, Dhanam, Uthi  yoga’s are auspicious but others are inauspicious. Stay updated with Auspicious Time Today and make your life success.

Auspicious Days for Marriages

When selecting auspicious days, we have to use some simple phases to find them. Auspicious days for marriages include a few additional steps. Marriages are not conducted in any month that has two new moon days or two full moon days. Chithirai, Vaikaasi, Aani, Aavani, Thai, Panguni months are the greatest months for marriages. It is healthier to avoid other months for marriage ceremony.

Sukla paksha times are the correct time to marriages. Wednesday, thursday and friday are Good days for wedding. On Good days, one has to select the correct lagnas. And the finest lagna for marriage are vrishabam, mithunam, katakam, simham, kanni, thulam, dhanus and meenam. Straining more, the nalla natkal are those when the tithis are dwitiya, tritiya, panchami, sapthami, dasami or trayodasi. On the Good day, the muhurtha lagna should have its 7th house unoccupied.

Agni nakshatra, mrityu, panchagam and kasara yoga natkal are to avoid. If Guru and/or Sukran are placed in the 8th house of the marriage time lagna or the bride and grooms birth rasi, then that naal is not good.

Make assured that the Good day selected is not chandrashtama for the couple. It is not Good day if the nakshatra on the date is 3rd, 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd nakhatra from the janma nakshatra of the couple. Janma nakshatra or the birth day of the boy or the girl also not selected as they does not meet the requirements to in the Good day listing.